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2 hours
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Private Tour
English, German, Spanish
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Short Description

Join us for an unforgettable family tour of the Acropolis and gain intriguing insight into the fascinating tales that dress up the world-famous Parthenon temple. Follow your family-friendly licensed guide through the secret pathways of history to sneak a look at the hidden parts of the time trail laid on the sacred rock since almost 3,500 BC. Marvel at the famous masterpieces of the Acropolis through completely different lenses!

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What you can expect

Follow our expert family-friendly guide on a unique Acropolis tour and discover the legendary myths of the “cradle of western civilization”! As you walk past the sacred rock, the sights rise up to greet you through revealing stories at every spot encountered. Learn about the Propylaea, the marble gate of the Acropolis and stand in awe before the Temple of Nike, the goddess of victory in ancient Greece.

You family-friendly guide will engage the children in discussions about the myths surrounding the jewel of the hill; the renowned Parthenon. Follow the battle between goddess Athena and Poseidon about the naming of the city; who won and why? Uncover the stories behind the first mythical king of Athens and spot the sacred olive tree that symbolizes the the power of the ancient city-state throughout the centuries. Marvel at the real Greek maidens – Caryatids – that support the Erechtheion and find the secret spot where Zeus stroke his thunderbolt according to the legend! The combination of the myths interlacing every single spot of the Hill, the ancient beasts, the mighty heroes and stories that follow the legendary Olympian gods, will make the little ones stop dead in their tracks!

Do you want to time-travel and see the Acropolis exactly as it was during the glorious Golden Age? Opt for a 3D iPad with the amazing Acropolis 3D app for families to watch the Acropolis with all the colors, as it used to be in ancient times!

Why book this tour?

  • Enjoy a private-guided tour with our expert family-friendly guide
  • Order skip-the-line tickets to Acropolis from us -no more waiting in queues!
  • Let your jaw drop with the myths, stories and fun facts of the Acropolis Hill
  • Optional upgrade with Acropolis 3D iPads.
  • Available daily as a private tour - please send us an inquiry