Athens Family Treasure Hunt

Join us on an odyssey across Athens!



3 hours
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Are you ready to join the ranks of Odysseus, Daedalus, Athena and Poseidon? Can you be adventurous, curious, wise and defiant? If so then join us in a race across an ancient city, home to Gods & Heroes and embark on a journey through time and riddles with our family friendly Athens Treasure Hunt!

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What you can expect

In a unique and exhilarating adventure across Athens, take part in a treasure hunt that blends history, mythology and sight seeing with bags of fun! Hear mythological tales, discover ancient ruins and explore local neighbourhoods as you seek clues, rise to challenges and meet ancient heroes for this family friendly Athens treasure hunt!

Do you know why the city is called Athens? Can you find the secret island and do you know how it came to be? Look for clues of an ancient trial at Areopagus and decide for yourself if the Gods should be obeyed! Explore the beauty of Plaka and navigate your way through the crossroads of history in Monastiraki Square. Don’t forget your appointment with the “stone-dead” King! The Gods may help you in your quest but their favour is to be earned, not freely given! So journey on to the Tower of the Winds and marvel at the wonders of a Golden Age. Seek and you shall find the answers that you need along the cobbled slabs of Apostolou Pavlou and the grand setting of Syntagma Square!

We invite you to join us on an odyssey across Athens that will show you the city through all her ages and introduce you to a cast of the mighty and mortal! Every hero needs a guardian and who better than our local, expert, family friendly guide to show you the wonders of the city!


  • A novel and interesting way to discover the city of Athens on a 3 hour treasure hunt designed to challenge, entertain and capture your imagination!
  • Discover Athens history in a fun and interactive way
  • Perfect for families and anyone who wants an afternoon of adventure, mythology and most of all fun!
  • A local, expert, family friendly guide to accompany you on your afternoon of innovative challenges and city exploration
  • All materials included plus a gift from Greeking.me to remember your adventure in Athens by!
  • Available daily as a private activity - please send us an inquiry.