Taxi sign - credits:
Taxi sign - credits:

Any traveller knows that one of the most important elements of a trip is transportation. Greece is one of the most visitor-friendly countries in the world and moving from one spot to another when visiting Athens or the Greek islands is, in most cases, easy. The Athens metro is one of the most contemporary and fast in Europe while taking the underground is the best way to reach all the important museums & monuments and visit the Acropolis.  The metro helps all those people that want to reach the city center from Athens airport and vice versa. However, there is no doubt that unless you rent a vehicle, at one point of your stay, you're going to need a taxi, especially if you want to reach your hotel or meet some time deadlines. But is it safe to take a taxi in Greece?

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1. Athens Taxis

Athens Taxis

Taxi cars in Greece are yellow with a "TAXI" sign on top. Taxis can be found everywhere, as there are plenty of them across Greece, especially in Athens' center or other big cities and islands, and you can stop them by raising your hand. When the "TAXI" sign on top is lit, the taxi is available for hire. Sometimes though, the sign on top may not be lit but the taxi driver will stop to ask you about your destination. This happens because sharing a taxi in Greece with other passengers is common practice. In case you would prefer a private taxi just signal a taxi with an illuminated sign.

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Of course, taking a taxi in Athens should be easy and safe. What one should be careful to avoid is paying more than the actual cost of the journey. Please note that the taxi fare is double at night (midnight to 05.00 am). Also, if you notice that your journey started and the taxi meter is off, you should ask the driver to turn it on. These are some prices* you should have in mind before taking a taxi in Greece:

- The taxi meter starts at 1.29.
- The minimum rate is 3.44.
- The rate/km within city limits is 0.74.
- The rate/km outside city limits is 1.29
* Correct at time of writing

If you want to skip the hassle of hailing a taxi and pay by card, we highly suggest you download the ''Beat'' app, which is similar to Uber but hires professional taxi drivers. Alternatively, if you want to travel in luxury, and ensure a safe and comfortable drive around Athens and Greece, opt for our transfer services that will have you reaching your desired destinations easily, stress-free and always on time!