Christmas Food Tour in Athens

Join us for a warm-hearted Greek food experience!


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Short Description

Meet Athens at her most magical time with our festive food tour through the city streets adorned with fairy lights and the sounds of merrymaking and cheer! Take in the sweet aromas of freshly baked Christmas goods, roasted chestnuts and the sounds of carols echoing from the brightly lit halls of cathedrals. The charm and romance of Athens at Christmas is a truly wonderful experience for locals and visitors alike, coming with its very own table of culinary treats. For the foodies amongst you this is a decadent food tour laced with Christmas delights that will take you to the very heart of Greece’s christmas traditions.

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What you can expect

Discover Athens’ Christmas offerings with your local, expert foodie guide and friend. As you stroll the streets of Athens’ most historic neighbourhoods learn about the history and local culture of the city and find out what Christmas means to Athenians. With much celebration comes much food and Greece has plenty to offer at Yuletide! Taste the sweet, buttery joy of kourabiedes (Greece’s answer to shortbread) and the honey-drizzled delights of melomakarona, which can only be described as somewhere between a mini cake/ cookie or muffin, in any case- irresistibly soft and tasty! For the sweet-toothed the pleasures continue with diples, rolls of thin crispy pastry dipped in honey- syrup...on a cold December night, heavenly!

Our foodie exploration continues to artisanal delis and eateries for delicious tastings from cheeses to charcuterie to hot vegetable pies and of course Greece’s line up of warming liqueurs! From the fiery raki to the warming rakomelo try the local spirits which are particularly fortifying at Christmas time. Hidden away in the stone paved streets your expert guide will lead you to festively themed cafes as you step into a fairytale world of Christmas treats and cheer. Join us, for a foodie journey through an enchanting Athenian Christmas fairy tale brimming with culinary discoveries and decadence.


  • Ideal for couples and families - Our expert food guide will lead you all the way through your tour!
  • Savor Christmas delicacies of the Greek cuisine
  • Enjoy a memorable walk in Christmas Athens
  • Discover unique places with convivial Christmas atmosphere