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10 days with option to extend to 15
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With our culinary package, we give you a golden opportunity to gain a rare insight into the gastronomical traditions of our country, far beyond the usual fare trotted out every year on the well-beaten tourist trail. Our trip is a foray into the history, mythology and gastronomy wealth of Greece supported by our team who are with you every step of the way to make sure your needs are catered for. From travel experts to historians, professional chefs to vintners to the elders of villages who have no fancy training yet produce dishes that any Michelin star chef would have a tough time emulating- this is the one and only journey to take if, like us, you are a passionate foodie with a healthy penchant for hedonism!

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What to expect

Beginning in Athens, taking you right across the majestic Peloponnese and ending in the ravishingly beautiful island of Crete our 10 + 5 days culinary odyssey across Greece immerses you in the flavours of the Mediterranean which are revered the world over for their long-term health benefits yet undeniably good taste. Cleverly combined with historic sites ( Ancient Corinth, the Acropolis, Ancient Mycenae, the Palace of Knossos to name but a few) is our itinerary bursting with cooking classes, demonstrations, tasting tours and an array of foodie experiences.

Discover the sweet aromas of fir tree honey of Arcadia, the use of “petimezi” in Nemea, the rich cheeses of Crete, the infamous Kalamata olives and of course Greece’s most beloved spirits in Italianate Nafplio. Not just a trip based on tradition, see the efforts of those vying to provide a sustainable future as you explore an agrotourism collective in Arcadia and take in the spectacular scenery that Greece has to offer with plenty of opportunities to hike, swim, stroll and relax on your 10/15 days with us. Our itinerary takes you to tucked away sites that are truly spectacular such as the Temple of Apollo Epikourios and the Church of Agia Theodora and an opportunity to wander amongst the animals at a small farm in the countryside. From the Parthenon to the stalagmite caves of Kapsia, through mountains, forests, along coastlines and pristine beaches join us on a journey to the very heart and soul of culinary Greece.

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Why book that tour?

  • A perfect package for foodies, this journey will take you from the ancient streets of Athens to the spectacular Peloponnese and ending in the culinary capital of Greece- Crete.
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the archaeological sites of the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Ancient Corinth, Ancient Olympia, Ancient Messini, the castle town of Mystras and the romantic city of Nafplio.
  • Learn about various traditional and modern Greek dishes, while exploring the wide variety of available produce.
  • You will be joined by expert guides, instructed by professional chefs, welcomed by accomplished vintners and taste the skill and devotion of real artisans.
  • Imbide in wonderful Greek wines from Nemea wineries in the Peloponnese region of Greece!
  • Let us take care of the itinerary. Our team research and personally vet each of the places we take you to so that we show you the very best authentic places that Greece has to offer.

Athens & Peloponnese

Day 1


Kalimera! Welcome to Greece. Arrive at your own pace and settle into your hotel in the the heart of downtown Athens. Arrive before 3pm and embark on a private Acropolis Walking Tour with our expert guide and archaeologist. Learn about the significance of the majestic Acropolis, take in spectacular views and discover the myths and legends that pervade the very ground you walk upon.

As the sun sets, indulge in some authentic Greek fare under a starry Athenian sky at an excellent Athenian taverna on the slopes of the Acropolis.

Overnight in Athens

Extend to Crete

Day 10 (B)


Sparta- Crete

Today we are leaving the majestic Peloponnese for the island of Crete, the birthplace of the first European civilization, the Minoans. Pack your olive oil bottles as you are heading back to Athens to catch a flight for Heraklion. You will arrive at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport with plenty of time to check-in and enjoy a freddo espresso at the pop-up outdoor cafe at Departures level.

At Heraklion, you will be picked-up by your local driver who will take you to your accommodation. As the sun sets enjoy your private Wine Tasting experience with dinner. Our local guide will show you around the 19th century building where this atmospheric experience will take place. The sommelier will introduce you to a palette of Cretan wine flavors. During dinner, your guide will be there to give any insights about the city.

Overnight in Heraklion