Olive oil tasting workshop in Athens


4 hours
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Private Tour
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Join us for an all-inclusive exploration of the famous Greek Olive Oil and discover its fine subtleties in a tasting experience of the senses. Start your Olive Oil journey from the routes of its production all the way to the bottle and your tasting buds in a peaceful cottage just outside Athens.

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What you can expect

Dig out one of the most valuable Greek treasures in an Olive-Oil Tasting Workshop led by a certified olive oil expert. Your experience will be accommodated in a beautiful cottage surrounded by various cultivations including olive groves. You will get to see and touch olive trees of different Greek varieties and be introduced into the cultivation of olive trees through history in Greece; get a deeper insight into olive oil production practices and unravel how this oily treasure gets to the bottle.

And the pick of your experience? Learn to recognize what qualities make olive oil perfect in a manner of appearance and tasting balance; then, practice your new skills on a wide variety of premium extra-virgin olive oil and olives not only in Greece, but throughout the globe, too.


  • Enjoy personal attention and guidance of a certified olive-oil professional
  • Take part in an olive-oil tasting workshop in a peaceful natural ambience
  • Discover the Greek olive-tree varieties
  • Spot the special attributes of olive oil in terms of appearance and taste
  • Learn how to identify olive oil of premium quality
  • Get to taste Greek and world premium extra-virgin olive oil
  • Can be combined with a hands-on Greek cooking class or a trip to Sounio

Tour Reviews

Organic Olive Oil Tour in Athens
Organic Olive Oil Tour in Athens

What a great tour! Nikos did a wonderful job of setting up a last minute Greek olive oil tasting, and combined it with a ride to the airport. The tour was very informative and it was really nice to actually see organic living first hand. They teach you about their olive trees, different qualities of olive oil and tastings, their chickens, composting, how they wisely use their water resources and their products that they use and sell that are organic.

The hand lotion is amazing. Our driver was very helpful and shared local information with us. I would definitely do another Greeking.me tour! Excellent quality, service and very informative.