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Team up with a knowledgeable tour guide and explore the secrets of Medieval Athens. Discover the living proofs of the mighty Byzantine Empire, visit churches of Emperors and Empresses, stroll around the streets of the old city and explore one of the most interesting and turbulent time periods of Athens.

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What you can expect

In 529 A.D., a significant event occurred that changed radically the identity of the city of Athens. Emperor Justinian ordered the closing of Plato’s Academy and Christianity managed to strike a deadly blow to ancient religion. Despite the political and religious changes, the city of Athens survived. It mutated and evolved into a boiling cauldron of people and cultures up until 1821 when Greeks rebelled against Ottoman Empire demanding their independence.

Follow us to a journey of nearly 1500 years. Discover the living proofs of the mighty Byzantine Empire, scattered in Plaka and learn about stories of splendor and glory but also fraud, treachery and power. See the site where Apostle Paul first taught Christianity to Athenians and find out what happened to ancient sites during byzantine times. Visit churches of Emperors and Empresses and take a taste of everyday life. Make contact with the history of the Ottoman Empire, a force that occupied the city for nearly four centuries. Wonder around the alleys and streets of the old city and find yourselves in a Turkish bath house.

By the end of this tour you would have explored one of the most interesting and turbulent time periods of the city and you will fully understand what traits truly shape the Greek identity.

Why book that tour?

  • Live the experience of a Byzantine church built by a Byzantine Empress. Find the catacombs hidden beneath it.
  • Enter the only surviving Turkish bath house in Athens.
  • Visit the favorite byzantine church of Emperors, operating continuously nearly a millennium.
  • Apprehend how great ancient monuments served the establishment of Christianity.
  • Enter an Ottoman-period house on the slopes of Acropolis hill & hear about stories and events depicting vividly the atmosphere of Medieval Athens.
  • Available daily as a private tour - please send us an inquiry.