Play-and-learn in the Ancient Agora


2 hours
Group Size
Private tour
English - more upon request
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Short Description

Visiting Athens with kids? Join us for a fun and interactive adventure in Ancient Agora of Athens! Let your kids have fun and discover mythical creatures of ancient Greece, classical Greek architecture and the ancient Athenians’ daily life through a series of interactive games. A lot more than a children-friendly tour!

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What you can expect

Get your kids ready and come with us for a play-and-learn journey to the Ancient Agora of Athens. Come on board and “heave up the anchor” with a card-quiz game that will get you straight into the heart of Greek Mythology! Your first stop will be at the temple of Hephaestus where you will be an ancient Athenian engineer exploring the architecture and the use of the godly temple! Then go to Tholos, the ancient Parliament of Athens, and team up to unfold the meaning of tyranny and democracy in ancient Athens!

Did you ever wonder how ancient Athenians spent their time? What did they read and how did they get the news from around the city and the known world? Stop at the Monument of the Eponymous Heroes and find out about ancient Athenians’ daily life!

Dig out the Tritons and the Giants, extraordinary mythical creatures of ancient Greece, at the Odeon of Agrippa. Then, visit the museum of Ancient Agora at the Stoa of Attalos to discover ancient Greek toys and many more everyday objects used in ancient Athens.

Innocent or guilty? Be a judge at an ancient Athenian trial and free or sentence the defendant as ancient Athenians used to do in their court of law: a drama game for strong players!

Reaching the end of your journey, get some inspiration from your experience in Ancient Agora and be an artist drawing what made your jaw drop to take it with you as a souvenir of your adventure!
Ancient Agora of Athens awaits you!


  • All the activities are led by specially trained educators & licensed tourist guides
  • An amazing play-and-learn experience for all families visiting Athens
  • The kids find out about Greek Mythology and ancient Athenians’ everyday life in ancient Agora
  • The experience is exclusively based on interactive and drama games
  • Ideal for families with pre-school/ primary school children
  • Perfect for school trips and visits in Athens
  • Available daily as a private tour - please send us an inquiry.