Athens Street Art Tour


3 hours
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Did you know that Athens is a mecca for street art, making it a very attractive playground for artists from around the world? Did you also know that the word “graffiti” comes from a Greek word? On our Athens Street Art Tour, we’ll take you through the streets of non-touristic, local Athenian neighborhoods and we’ll shed light on the philosophy behind political and social graffiti.

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What you can expect

Through a 3-hour private tour led by a real street artist, you will learn the history & origins of this underground global phenomenon and dig deeper into the “secret codes” of street artists as you enjoy an alternative tour in Athens center. You will understand the different styles, techniques & terminology: from stencils, paste-ups, throw-ups & bombings, to tags, pieces, murals, installations and wildstyle graffiti! Together you will wonder around small streets of up and coming neighborhoods in Athens and discuss the reasons why street art has flourished on her walls!

You are going to focus on the social and political aspects of the Greek street art scene. What political statements are the artists making and why? How the economic crisis urged people to express themselves on the streets?

Graffiti changes rapidly in the streets of Athens which is turning into a big contemporary art gallery -if you know where to look! Athens is a multicolored city and if you are keen on exploring it in an alternative way, this walking tour is perfect for you.


  • Led by a real street artist, the Athens Street Art Tour is the perfect way to explore the secrets behind the Athenian graffiti scene.
  • Enjoy a private walking tour through the city’s most alternative, non-touristy neighborhoods.
  • Admire amazing mural art & paintings by iNO, WD and other well-known street artists.
  • Understand how street art reflects the social and political statements of Greek society.
  • Available daily as a private tour - please send us an inquiry.

Tour Reviews

Athens Street Art Tour
Athens Street Art Tour

We were not in Athens in time for the group tour, so booked a private one . The guide met us at our hotel, and helped us get the Metro back there. The Athens Street Art tour took us to parts of Athens we would otherwise never have seen, and the guide knew all about the official and unofficial street art.
Some of it is really amazing - other parts are graffiti.
We were glad we had taken this tour. The company, Greeking.me is excellent and helpful - do try them.

Street Art Tour of Athens
Street Art Tour of Athens

Thanks Greeking.me for showing me Athens from the other side, not only ancient but from modern angle. I loved it. They love what they do, so if you want to understand the country fall in love with Greece you should visit one of their tours. It will be exciting and very true greek experience.