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 Wednesday, 16 August 2017 06:46

The Parthenon - 10 +1 fascinating facts

The Parthenon, almost 2,500 years old, inspires and bewitches. Who could fail to be enchanted by its pediments and columns, its reverential gaze over the city of Athena and its magnificently rich story of stony resistance in the face of unending challenges? But perhaps there is still more to learn about the Parthenon in the entrails of history. Here are ten facts (plus 1) we hope will interest – and inspire – you.  

 Tuesday, 08 August 2017 14:00

How to order like a local in a Greek taverna

Greece may be famous for many things but if you thought you were only coming for statues, beaches and an iridescent sun, think again. Food, food, food; the core of Greek culture and the delights of which you cannot miss. Everything we make is fresh, rich, satisfying and packed full of flavour. The problem? Like in so many holiday destinations, it can be challenging trying to navigate the tourist traps and even when you do, how do you know what you want? Let us give you a head start and show you how to order like a local!

 Sunday, 06 August 2017 10:36

Why Athens deserves more of your time

If there is one city in Europe that truly has something for everyone, it is the mythic city of Athens. Architecture, history, great food, nightlife, street art, shopping, music dens, beaches and even mountains… the list goes on! Not to mention the spirit of hospitality and cultivation that permeates the walls of this ancient city. Chaotic but bursting with character our enigmatic city of Athena, immortalised by Socrates, has famously charmed the likes of Byron, Leigh Fermor and De Benieres; now is your chance to let her charm you!

An enigmatic and elusive beauty, the island of Kea is but a stone’s throw from the metropolis of vibrant Athens. Undiscovered and picturesque with its colourful streets, pristine beaches and archaeological sites of mighty empires past, Kea is an island that deserves your attention.

What associations are conjured up by the magical, mythical name of Athens? The hulking presence of the Acropolis, rising white over the city skyline like a phantom ship emerging from the mists of time? Inevitably; the jagged edges of Mount Lycabettus, standing erect in the centre of the city like a magnificent green iconostasis? Certainly; the Temple of Olympian Zeus, its ancient pillars melting into a backdrop of rocky outcrops, palm and cypress trees? Probably. But of all the associations one could make with Athens, the beach would not be high on the list. And yet surely when wandering around the Ancient Agora in 38 degree-heat the temptation must be to dive into the deliciously refreshing waters of the Aegean.

 Tuesday, 25 July 2017 06:56

A guide to Greek Summer Coffees

If you are coming to Greece for the first time you are about to discover that as well as having a rich and captivating history, scrumptious cuisine and a philosophy of living life to the fullest, we also have the best selection of Greek summer coffees. Yes, that’s right, we really know how to enjoy coffees in the heat! All of us here at Greeking.me have travelled extensively and we have discovered that no one does a ‘frappe’ quite like the Greeks and that’s only the beginning! Like for many of our fellow Europeans, coffee is such an essential part of our daily lives. However, we treat drinking coffee almost like a form of meditation. We drink it slowly, savoring the taste whether we’re in the office, working away or in the company of good friends at a seaside bar discussing the issues of the day. We know that good coffee, like good food, needs to be given the time it deserves!

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