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Located on the giant peninsula of the Peloponnese, Messene is possibly the most underrated archeological site in the whole of Greece. This ancient city was, unlike most others, untouched by the later settlements and thus has preserved outstandingly; perhaps the best-preserved from antiquity. The excavation of this site has been relatively recent compared to Epidaurus or Delphi and therefore it is still a bit off-the-radar. That being said, the archeological site of Messene is inarguably one of the most impressive given its sheer size. The site has been steadily uncovered for the last 100 years but only a third of its total size has been excavated so far! 

 Friday, 09 February 2018 13:49

Why Meteora Should be on Your Bucket List

This geological phenomenon is rightfully a UNESCO World Heritage Site that anyone visiting Greece should make a priority. Meteora, which literally translates to ‘suspended in the air’, has been described as Greece’s city in the sky, in virtue of the ethereal monasteries perched on top of the 24 giant 400m high rocks. Only a 4,5 hour drive from Athens and very easy to get to, it seems almost too good to be true for such a striking natural beauty to be so close and accessible. Perhaps the best way to get to Meteora from Athens is by train: you can book your tickets online. Some train routes require transit while others are direct; average travel time ranges from 4 to 6 hours. Another method of transport is the bus; prices and bus schedules can be found here.

 Friday, 09 February 2018 13:34

Top things to do in Chania, Crete 2018

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We would rather say that a word is worth a thousand pictures and we can prove it! When someone hears the word “Chania”, all of a sudden endless turquoise waters and a touch of Venetian finesse come to mind. Chania, located on the northwest coast of the island of Crete, is well known for its picturesque pedestrian streets and serves as a prime example of how years of history can shape a city’s unique vibe. One great thing about this city is that you are going to have a fun time no matter what you crave for; either you like dancing all night long with your friends or would prefer relaxing at the beach with the kids until the sun sets, this is the place to do both. If all that is not enough to convince you about what Chania has to offer, read our selected tips below and start planning your trip right away!

 Wednesday, 07 February 2018 09:22

Top Things to Do in Heraklion, Crete 2018

Heraklion is the capital of the island of Crete and is one of it's most beautiful gems. The city has been called “The Great Castle of the Mediterranean” and for good reason. Having a long, substantial history, from the Minoan civilization in Ancient Ages to the Late Middle Ages and onwards, Heraklion has a variety of historical and natural beauties to offer for couples, groups of friends and families. Needless to say, if you want to start exploring the city, it would be very helpful to have some guidelines first. That’s why we have carefully selected and prepared a few tips for you, so you can discover the island like a local!

 Wednesday, 07 February 2018 08:05

Why Greece is a Foodie’s Paradise

Greece may be best known for her caribbean-like beaches, ancient history and avid nightlife, which is all well deserved, but make up only some pieces of the beautiful Greek puzzle. An often underrated piece of Greece, which some may not be as familiar with, is her cuisine and the all round quality of food that the country has to offer.

 Wednesday, 27 December 2017 09:56

New Year’s Eve in Athens 2018

Coming in the top 5 of the European Best Destinations 2017 competition, Athens has shown herself, once more, to be a welcoming city of warmth, wonder and endless entertainment. So where better to start your 2018 than in one of the world's oldest cities that manages to boast treasures of antiquity alongside powerful street art? Whether you want a New Year of partying or a relaxed meal for two, Athens, as always, has it all....

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