Paros, Greece - credits: Gts/
Paros, Greece - credits: Gts/

Typical Cycladic elegance and a lacy coastline full of outstanding beaches make Paros island one of the most desirable destinations in the Greek islands and the whole country.

Due to its immense popularity, Paros offers abundant accommodation choices that cover all tastes and budgets. 

Here you will find the best hotels and regions to stay in Paros. This way, you will have all the information you need to make an educated decision regarding where to stay in Paros and make the most of your Greek island vacation!

An overview

kolimbithres paros Bill Anastasiou shutterstockKolymbithres beach, Paros, Greece - credits: Bill Anastasiou/

The most popular places to stay in Paros are, of course, its capital, Parikia, the well-known port where ships arrive, and Naoussa, the most famous and vibrant Paros village, known for its lively atmosphere and nightlife.

Depending on your mood and style, you can choose one of the two areas to avoid constant travel over long distances. That being said, Naoussa and Parikia are not the only regions of the island to reside. Other areas suitable for accommodation are those located near great beaches such as Punda beach, Santa Maria, Lagaras, Kolymbithres, Piperi beach, Livadia beach, Chrysi Akti (Golden beach), Parasporos beach, Agioi Anagryroi beach, and Piso Livadi.

Naturally, Paros' hotels and rooms are as diverse as its visitors. From affordable studios to suites in a luxury resort, you will find everything you need and then some. Independent villas have also been built on the island in recent years, which you can rent for as long as you want.

naoussa streets In Green shutterstockNaoussa streets - credits: In_Green/

To make the right choice regarding where to stay in Paros, you need to take into account the number of days you'll spend on the island, the type of vacation you're after, and the budget you have. You can choose between hotels with an outdoor swimming pool, half board, and entertainment areas for children. 

Most of them will heavily feature the element of white and blue coloring, staying true to the quintessential Cycladic aesthetic, and will win you over from the first moment you step foot in them. The facilities at the hotels are of high quality, as the island ensures that its guests are fully satisfied with every aspect of their vacation.

Best places to stay in Paros, Greece

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The island is rich with fantastic places to visit, so picking the right one for your visit can be tricky. Let's go through the best places for residing in Paros and see if they are right for you. The answer to the question "where to stay in Paros?" is simple!


paroikia streets Sven Hansche shutterstockParikia, Paros, Greece - credits: Sven Hansche/

The capital and main port of the island, Parikia, the center of all commercial activity, is built on the site of the ancient city, on the outskirts of the hill of the Monastery of Agioi Anargyri, with its trademark, the Mills and its picturesque narrow streets "decorated" in white and blue, which marry the intense past but also the lively presence of the island.

Its name is said to come from the Byzantine era and, more specifically, from the 'parishioners' of the temple of Ekatontapiliani. This is where the famous passenger and commercial port of the island is located, but also its huge long beach (Yiannis Pariou street) with its centuries-old palm trees.

In its traditional alleys, as well as on its central coastal road, there are all-day food and entertainment establishments that satisfy every taste. At the same time, a walk along its scenic streets will give you the opportunity to enjoy the Cycladic beauty and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

naoussa town paros shutterstockNaoussa town - credits:

In Parikia, you will also witness the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani, one of the most important early Christian monuments found in Greece and the largest in size. A typical attraction is the Castle, built on the hill above the port.

In addition, in the wider area of ​​the old town and around the castle, there are around 40 churches that are worth visiting.

Of curse, you cannot visit Parikia and miss out on a walk along the main street of the Agora, Lochagos Fokianos street, which is full of typical Cycladic buildings.


naousa bridge Ilias Kouroudis shutterstockNaoussa bridge, Paros, Greece - credits: Ilias_Kouroudis/

In the north of the island, built in its second-largest bay, the picturesque fishing village of Naoussa has one of the most picturesque and most cosmopolitan harbors of the Aegean, where all kinds of vessels, from fishing boats to luxury yachts, are moored.

With the famous little bridge, a well-known meeting point for locals and visitors, and the Venetian Castle ruins on the beach, this is where the heart of the island beats and the perfect answer to the question "where to stay in Paros?"

The old fishermen's warehouses have been transformed into neat hangouts for food, drink, and entertainment, while its all-white Cycladic alleys, adorned with fuchsia bougainvillea in full bloom, charm the visitor with the authentic island beauty of the place, which retains the authentic aroma of the past and highlights its cosmopolitan glamor!


naousa taverns Pit Stock shutterstockLefkes, Paros, Greece - credits: Pit_Stock/

Guests with little interest in beaches and the means to get there may consider visiting Lefkes inland town. The traditional, maze-like architecture is one of the major attractions in Lefkes.

Similar to other Cycladic village areas on other islands, narrow cobbled streets are full of whitewashed buildings with bougainvilleas on their roof. The town has many family-run taverns and all-day cafes. Visitors looking for a hike can take the old Byzantine trail that links Lefkes and the town of Prodromos.

Lefkes is characterized by many as the most beautiful village of Paros, and not without reason. It is a mountain village and the first capital of the island. The first inhabitants had chosen Lefkes as their place of residence to protect themselves from pirates. It is, therefore, impossible to visit Paros and not enjoy a glass of ouzo in the picturesque village square.

paros PitK shutterstockParos - credits: PitK/

One of the most beautiful villages of the Cyclades complex, Lefkes, spreads out in a small valley, at the foot of low hills, in the heart of Paros.

The traditional settlement, which was founded in the 15th century and gradually played an important role as a transit center in the interior of the island, impresses visitors with its original Cycladic architecture, old churches (mainly from the 17th century), picturesque alleys, a paved pedestrian street and the square with the monument of heroes fighters.

The buildings of the village, some with a neoclassical character, are decorated with pine trees, eucalyptus, olive trees, almond trees, and flowers.

Of particular interest is the church of Agia Triada, dating from 1830. Built with Parian marble, it has a monumental facade and a unique bell tower. Inside it, are kept valuable religious images.

What's more, Lefkes' Folklore Museum exhibits objects of daily use, which come from donations from the village's inhabitants and date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Paros Highlights: Half-day Private tour with Transportation

Of course, one cannot forget the windmills that rise on the hills around Lefkes, while in the wider area, there are important religious monuments that deserve the attention of pilgrims, such as the monastery of Agios Ioannis Kaparos.

The monastery, which according to one version, was founded in the 10th century, was renovated in 1646. Cherry trees, apple trees, walnut trees, cherry trees, peach trees, pomegranate trees, pear trees, lemon trees, orange trees and vines make up the beautiful natural environment.

In addition, in the area, you can also find the monastery of Agia Kyriaki, with a remarkable iconostasis and marble pulpit, part of the monastery of Agios Georgios Lagadas, and the monastery of Agios Ioannis the Theologian.

Besides, Lefkes is the closest settlement to the peak of Agion Panton, the highest of Paros (755 m.). The homonymous church is built there, which offers a unique, panoramic view to lovers of the Cycladic landscape.

It is worth noting that on June 23rd, the 'custom of Klidonas' is revived in Lefkes, when residents light bonfires and burn the Mayday wreaths, while on August 29th, the festival of Saint John the Theologian takes place.

Finally, on the first Saturday after the 15th of August, the 'Festival of the Caravolas' takes place in Lefkes, a popular festival in which the 'caravolas' (snails according to the Parians) have their place of honor, accompanied of course by other excellent Parian delicacies, island songs, and traditional dances.

Chrisi Akti - Golden Beach

xrisi akti paros Bill Anastasiou shutterstockGolden Beach, Paros, Greece - credits: Bill_Anastasiou/

If a mountain village is not your cup of tea, and you've been dreaming about a beach holiday, then the coastal part of the island is your best bet when looking for where to stay in Paros. Chrisi Akti, or Golden Beach, is the largest beach in Paros and one of the most beautiful on the island, along with Kolymbithres beach and Piperi Beach.

Its characteristic is its long stretch of golden sand and its blue waters. It will impress you from the first moment you step foot there, and you will certainly not take just one bath while you are on the island of Paros.

The spot of Golden Beach is ideal for water sports lovers due to the strong winds. Due to the very clean sea, it has been awarded the blue flag of the European Union. Every year it is visited by a large number of tourists who want to swim in its clear waters and walk on its golden sands from the sun. Many of them do not hesitate to test their water sports skills. The beach is famous as one of the best surfing beaches in Greece and has hosted important international events.

Golden Beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. Along the sandy beach and within walking distance, you will find many beach bars, cafes, and restaurants. However, if you are not a fan of organized beaches and prefer the offbeat experience of swimming on more secluded coasts, it has many places to put down your towel, install your own beach umbrella, and enjoy the sun and salty breeze.

At the same time, in various parts of Golden Beach, there are kiosks with marine activity instructors and trained lifeguards who discreetly observe the beach. This makes Chrysi Akti beach even safer for family swimming.

In the surrounding area, you will find everything you need to spend a few relaxing days. Accommodation for all tastes and budgets and dozens of restaurants and taverns.

The sandy beach of Golden Coast is about 20 kilometers from Parikia. Access is very easy so you won't have any difficulty approaching it. Golden Beach is the main beach of the region, with the new Golden beach right next to it. 

In addition to being easy, the route is also pleasant for the driver and passengers as it crosses the picturesque villages of Paros. If Paros is your choice for this year's summer holidays, then put Chrysi Akti beach on your schedule.

The best hotels to stay in Paros island

Parilio hotel

naoussa paros Kite rin shutterstockNaoussa, Paros, Greece - credits: Kite_rin/

Situated on the northeast coast of the island, in the popular region of Naoussa and within walking distance from its cosmopolitan center, Parílio is a tangible celebration of the timeless simplicity of Paros, surrounded by arokaria trees and, of course, the enchanting blue waters of the Aegean.

Athens-based architecture firm, IDLaboratorium, was influenced by both the island's distinctive architecture and its own holistic design to create the 33-suite Parilio, whose name derives from 'Paros' 'ilios,' which in Greek means 'sun.'

Aiming to capture the serenity of the setting, the interiors are defined by a soft color palette and natural materials complemented by an eclectic collection of vintage and modern furniture. Contemporary Greek pieces meet art objects from leading European designers, while striking ceramics, sourced from an innovative North African studio, serve to inspire and provoke discussion.

Paros and Small Cyclades Full-day Sailing Adventure

Distinct structural features such as arches, distinct columns, and dense masonry represent traditional construction techniques and help create an effect both cathartic and elemental in this lovely hotel.

Surrounded by the wild beauty of the pastoral landscape of Paros island, Parilio's restaurant, Mr. Well, is a lesson in simple elegance, serving fresh seasonal Greek and Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the island's natural bounty.

The hotel's outdoor swimming pool and sunny patio serve as the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy the unparalleled views, while the famous Kolymbithres beach, with its unique rock formations, is just a short walk away.

For those wishing to fully embrace Cycladic life at an ultra-slow pace, the on-site Asian Spa bath offers the ultimate in relaxation with face and body treatments incorporating an oriental-inspired blend of essential oils that will make your stay in Paros an absolutely amazing adventure.

Seesoo Paros Beachfront Luxury Resort; right next to a dreamy sandy beach.

naoussa paros Sabino Parente shutterstockParos - credits: Sabino_Parente/

Seesoo is a luxury boutique hotel located in the fishing village of Punda on the southwest coast of Paros, offering direct access to the sea and stunning sunset views. The central outdoor swimming pool and pool bar are ideal spaces to relax amongst the manicured gardens and the sea.

The 11 elegantly designed apartments are located on three floors and offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

The people of Seesoo are very aware of our planet, and therefore the Seesoo Lifestyle is completely eco-friendly. Coco-Mat mattresses and Olove Era bath products bottled in sugarcane bottles are used. All cleaning products are environmentally friendly, and also the brunch served is made from organic raw materials produced in Paros.

Enjoy your vacation in a relaxed atmosphere along with endless possibilities for fun, such as yoga, cycling, hiking, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Seesoo is truly one of the best hotels for your stay in Paros!

Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa

naoussa port kefalonia Pawel Kazmierczak shutterstockNaoussa - credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/

A five-star resort of international standards is located on the beach of Ampelas, near Naoussa of Paros, Greece, giving the island an international and cosmopolitan air in its luxurious Hotel Spa.

Parocks is a luxury hotel-spa with a total of 40 rooms and suites that all include a private swimming pool and outdoor hot tub with huge outdoor space and unobstructed, stunning sea views. The opulent hotel also has a spa, indoor swimming pool, hammam, sauna, treatment areas, and fitness center.

Inside the rooms, the minimal decoration balances the elements of nature, water, and earth, and hides behind the simple lines all the authentic luxury and "captures" the unique light of the Cyclades.

Parocks makes Paros island a dreamy destination for this summer and puts staying in one of its ultra-luxurious rooms as the first thing on this summer's wish list for every self-respecting travel lover.

Cove Paros

naoussa port paros In Green shutterstockNaoussa - credits: In_Green/

In June 2021, the Cove Paros boutique hotel opened its doors and welcomed travelers a breath away from Naoussa. With a minimal aesthetic and strong Aegean breeze, it is a haven, as well as an excellent choice for a day on the beach, even if you are not staying at the hotel.

45 suites with Cycladic aesthetics but high-quality facilities, private swimming pool options, and absolute relaxation.

The culinary proposal of the hotel has been edited by Gikas Xenakis, lover and creator of the new Greek cuisine, awarded with Golden Caps and Greek Cuisine Awards for 'Aleria' restaurant in Athens, and recognized as Chef of the Year for 2020, according to the international culinary guide Gault & Millau.

The restaurant is located on the beach and promises an unforgettable journey into the world of summer flavors, both at lunch and in the evening. 

The co-owner, and bartender of the leading 'The Clumsies' bar in Athens arrived in Paros with an unsurpassed custom-made menu and proposals in signature cocktails and premium spirits, homemade ingredients, original virgin cocktails, and refreshing juices that will take off the days on the island, against the background of spectacular sunset of the Cyclades and with the sounds of summer making every moment magical.


chrysi akti paros Aerial motion shutterstockGolden Beach - credits: Aerial-Motion/

Which part of Paros is best to stay in?

Probably the best places for local and foreign travelers to stay in Paros are Parikia and Naoussa. These locations provide easy access to sandy beaches in Paros, fine dining, fun nightlife, and shopping boutiques.

Parikia and Naoussa offer great hotels with varying styles and suitable for any budget. That being said, the traditional villages and seaside regions of the island are also suitable for relaxing vacations, especially if you're after an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Where to stay in Paros: in Naoussa or Parikia?

naoussa village paros Kite rin shutterstockNaoussa village, Paros - credits: Kite_rin/

When deciding the best region to stay in Paros, you must consider that Parikia is generally viewed by travelers as being the most convenient and affordable place to stay in Parikia, as well as the most tranquil and family-friendly region of the two.

It offers little nightlife with more historical churches or archaeological sites. What's more, in Parikia, there are more convenient public transport connections between the capital and the villages and nearby beaches. 

On the other side, Naoussa is more vibrant and cosmopolitan, with endless options for nightlife entertainment, from lively bars to popular clubs and everything in between.


Naoussa port PitK shutterstockNaoussa port - credits: PitK/

Paros is an attractive Greek island that has managed to gain the attention of travelers from all around the world. In fact, it is included in the most popular greek island destination in the Cyclades, along with Mykonos and Santorini.

The majority of travelers are captivated by the wide range of activities available in Paros. From beautiful beaches with fancy beach clubs to hiking trails with sea views and scrumptious Paros food, the Greek island can deliver extraordinary experiences to the most demanding travelers. What's more, it boasts accommodation options that tick all the boxes.

Now you know where to stay in Paros to make your Greek island vacation a wish granted!