Cretan cooking class in Heraklion


6 hours
Tour Type
Monday to Friday - Send us an inquiry

Short Description

Discover the wealth of the Cretan land with a hands-on private cooking class in the beautiful Heraklion countryside! Learn how to prepare the most distinctive Cretan dishes and let your expert Cretan cooks introduce you to the traditional art of cooking. For real gastronomy adventurers only!

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What you can expect

Ready for a hands on Cretan cooking lesson? You will try out our grandmother’s recipes for a range of traditional dishes and return home with a whole new cooking skillset!

Travel to a peaceful traditional place amidst the countryside of Heraklion prefecture in the comfort of modern vehicles and enjoy a beautiful route through Cretan villages. Just 30 minutes away from Heraklion city, your cooking experience will take place in a traditional off-the-beaten-track restaurant looking out over herb-scented hilltops and the sea. An experienced couple of Cretan cooks will welcome you and introduce you to the earthly flavors of Cretan cuisine.

You will prepare step by step famous Cretan appetizers, like “dakos” – Cretan rusks topped with tomato sauce and feta cheese - and “dolmadakia” – vine leaves stuffed with a rice mixture. You will get your hands on making the main course, such as lamb with artichoke or “gemista” - stuffed vegetables - using only seasonal ingredients. And what about dessert? You will roll out phyllo pastry and make delicious traditional pies with local cheese and honey.

Time will finally come to taste all those Cretan goodies you’ve made, paired with lots of wine. The convivial atmosphere and the picture-perfect scenery will capture your senses on every possible level.

Why book this tour?

  • Private transfer in a modern vehicle is included
  • Enjoy a private traditional Cretan cooking lesson in a peaceful environment
  • Our family-friendly chefs will guide you all the way through your cooking experience
  • Find out about the raw ingredients of our land that make Cretan food so irresistible
  • You will enjoy a rich meal in a convivial atmosphere
  • Enjoy the picture-perfect view of the Cretan landscape
  • We can customize your experience further according to any particular dietary requirements you may have (allergies, etc)