Crete Tours

The island of Crete is a truly sacred land where you can enjoy walking tours, authentic culinary experiences and amazing wine tastings. One of the best things to do in Heraklion, Crete is to discover the culture by visiting traditional eateries and tasting local dishes paired with wine and the famous raki spirit. With our Heraklion for foodies tour, not only will you taste more than 15 delicacies but you will walk through the beautiful streets of the town and learn a lot about the Cretan culture. Feeling like getting your hands into raw ingredients and creating your own authentic meal? Then the Traditional Cretan cooking class in Heraklion is an absolute must-do during your trip.

It’s worth stating that locals like to combine their food with traditional wine so make sure not to miss a visit to a Heraklion Winery for an Heraklion Wine Tasting Experience and join a fun wine tasting and food-pairing game. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how many awarded wines and grape varieties Crete has to offer to the world!

For a complete local experience, it is essential to learn how to dance the amazing Cretan traditional dances and enjoy a dance show led by professional dancers in costumes. Wait no more, become a true Cretan with our Dance & Eat like a local in Crete and have your private dance lesson accompanied by a mouth-watering dinner!

Moving from Heraklion to the beautiful town of Chania, you will also find another series of treasures waiting to be discovered by travelers who really want to indulge in local goodies and create unforgettable memories. How does vegetable picking at with a stunning view sound? What about a visit in a traditional Cretan home? During the Authentic Cretan Cooking Class in Chania, our foodie experts will provide a warm welcome and help you prepare your own meals while discussing about recipes and cooking insights. In case you don’t feel like cooking on your own but want to explore this town and mingle with locals, our Chania Food & Local Goods tour is the best way to interact with small family businesses and producers. Indulge into olive-oil, raki, cheese and lots of other delicacies!
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