Santorini Cooking Class and Wine Tasting


6 hours
Tour Type
Semi-private (up to 8 people)
Daily at 10.00 am - Send us an inquiry

Short Description

Join us for a Cooking Class with Wine Tasting in Santorini and explore the most romantic island in the world through its gastronomical riches. Visit famous Santorini wineries, feel the unique flavors of local wine varieties and finish your adventure with a festive cooking class!

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What you can expect

Enjoy the riches of the island with a unique gastronomical experience!

Your day kicks off with a magnificent landscape of a charming vineyard. Explore the local vine varieties and find out about old traditional techniques Santorinians have used for wine making through the centuries. You will visit two exceptional Santorini wineries and your sense of taste will travel through distinctive local wine varieties, such as "Nykteri" and "Vinsanto".

Then you will make your way towards a traditional restaurant where your cooking experience will take place. An expert local chef will show you through the whole cooking process of traditional Santorinian recipes, such as tomato fritters and pork with “Vinsanto” sauce. Finish up your culinary experience with a rewarding lunch of the dishes you prepared and unwind with Greek flavors in a convivial atmosphere.

The ultimate food and wine experience of Santorini awaits you!

Why book that tour?

  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off with a luxury vehicle is included
  • Explore a charming vineyard and find out about local vine varieties
  • Visit two exceptional wineries and check out the distinctive techniques of Santorinian wine making
  • Taste eight wines made of local vine varieties, such as "Vinsanto" and "Assyrtiko"
  • Take part in a Greek cooking class and prepare famous Santorinian dishes
  • An expert local chef will lead you all the way through your cooking - this is a hands-on culinary experience!
  • Enjoy traditional lunch in a convivial atmosphere
  • We can customize your experience further according to particular dietary requirements you may have (allergies, etc)